Design is a wonderful and ever-changing thing. It grows, it breathes, and with every passing year, it gets better. Exciting, right? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
I’ve been happily addicted to art & design for several years; beginning my career in a round about way as a fashion design drop out. While my Converse All-Stars and graphic tees lack an eye for the runway, I quickly found my design style was best suited for digital endeavors. Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, I dabble in areas that include (but aren’t limited to) strategic thinking, web design, UI UX, information architecture, flat prototypes, mobile/ responsive frameworks, mobile app design, web apps and traditional print design.
My Brand Experience includes (but not limited to…)
Why We Should Work Together (because I really like people and...)
• Ability to work seamlessly in a team, with other departments or alone
• My years of experience means that I can hit the ground running
• Extensive understanding of the design process
• Great technical skills (as well as design skills)
• Ability to get the job done with speed and efficiency  
• Plays a mean game of air hockey (sorry, I'm completely useless at Ping-Pong)
But don't take my word for it... contact me and find out for yourself.
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